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The Journal Center of College of Civil Engineering was founded in 2022 in celebration of the 115th anniversary of Tongji University. The center is home to 9 peer-reviewed English journals and 4 peer-reviewed Chinese journals spanning a broad field of civil engineering. Across the center’s journals, 3 English journals are newly launched to promote cutting-edge research devoted for building intelligent, resilient, and low-carbon infrastructure and cities. 

The journal center advances the college’s objective of excellence in research and education through journals program. It is committed to coordinating a clustery growth of high-quality journals that disseminate high-impact outcomes of scientific and technological research in the discipline of civil engineering. It also serves as an international platform that supports high-level conference and workshops, and connects Tongji’s best researchers with worldwide collaborators from academy and industry.




The Civil, Hydraulic, and Architectural Engineering Section:

Section Editor-in-Chief: Jianguo Nie

Section Executive Editor-in-Chief: Junzhi Cui.

Engineering, supported by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is a comprehensive open access journal aiming at exploring critical issues and major problems to gain foresight into the future development in Engineering Science and Technology (EST). The scope of the Civil, Hydraulic, and Architectural Engineering Section of the journal includes:.

  • Hydrology, water resources, hydraulic structure, and ocean engineering.

  • Municipal engineering and water environment management.

  • Architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture and ecological protection.

  • Surveying, mapping, and geographic information and their applications.

  • Structural engineering and mechanics, bridge engineering, earthquake and disaster mitigation & prevention.

  • Civil engineering materials.

  • Pavement, tunnel, geotechnical, and underground engineering.

The journal provides a high-level platform for academic achievements of great importance to accelerate the development of EST, better benefit humankind, and create a bright future.

ISSN 2095-8099 (Print)  ISSN 2096-0026 (Electronic)

CN 10-1244/N

Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering

Editors-in-Chief: Junzhi Cui, Jianguo Nie, Surendra P. Shah

Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering provides a unique forum for disseminating new ideas and techniques with significant potential impact. It strives to capture and archive in a timely manner and in one venue significant advancements of a broad field that encompasses, but not limited to, structural engineering, bridge engineering, transportation engineering, hydraulic and coastal engineering, geotechnical and underground engineering, as well as the supporting fundamental disciplines such as mechanics and material Science. Supported by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the journal aims to advance the frontiers of the field by encouraging cross-disciplinary researches and innovative applications in major engineering projects.

ISSN 2095-2430 (Print)   ISSN 2095-2449 (Electronic)

CN 10-1023/X

Underground Space

Editors-in-Chief: Hehua Zhu, Antonio Bobet, Teruo Nakai

Underground Space is an open access international journal without article processing charges (APC) committed to serving as a scientific forum for researchers and practitioners in the field of underground engineering. The journal welcomes manuscripts that deal with original theories, methods, technologies, and important applications throughout the life-cycle of underground projects, including planning, design, operation and maintenance, disaster prevention, and demolition. The journal is particularly interested in manuscripts related to the latest development of smart underground engineering from the perspectives of resilience, resources saving, environmental friendliness, humanity, and artificial intelligence. Since its establishment in 2016, it has been indexed by major databases like CSCD, DOAJ, INSPEC, Scopus, EI and SCIE.

ISSN 2096-2754 (Print)    ISSN 2467-9674 (Electronic)

CN 31-2130/TU

AI in Civil Engineering

Editor-in-Chief: Xianzhong Zhao

The journal is dedicated to advance the frontiers of AI-enabled knowledge discovery and technology innovation in civil engineering. Its scope includes the theoretical research and engineering applications of advanced AI technologies, such as machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, enhanced display, big data analytics, blockchain, cloud computing and Internet of things, in all different domains of civil and infrastructure engineering. The journal is Open Access and an article-processing charge (APC) covered by Tongji University is levied on articles that are accepted for publication by the Editors.

ISSN 2097-0943 (Print)    ISSN 2730-5392 (Electronic)

CN 31-2183/TU

Resilient Cities and Structures

Editors-in-Chief: Ying Zhou, Michel Bruneau, Gian Paolo Cimellaro

Resilient Cities and Structures is a premium international journal for publishing original research papers, reviews, comments, and perspectives to construct a resilient city in multiple levels and aspects. The journal is dedicated to providing a forum and advancing the frontiers of the continuously increasing research work worldwide on reducing disasters' enormous adverse impacts on cities' normal operation. The scope of the journal includes fundamental research, innovative technologies and engineering applications in resilient cities, infrastructure, structures and resilience-based management. Specific interests are given to research and ideas related to the system's resilience to resist disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, fire, floods and hurricanes.

ISSN 2772-7416 (Electronic)

Low-carbon Materials and Green Construction

Editors-in-Chief: Xuwen Xiao, Surendra P. Shah

Executive Editor-in-Chief: Jianzhuang Xiao

Low-carbon Materials and Green Construction is an international, fully open access journal that dedicates to establishing a frontier chain containing all essential issues in the life cycle of civil engineering projects, holding the pulse of the frontier, leading and promoting the progress of all issues to better achieve the harmony between human and nature. This is the first journal in the field of low-carbon civil engineering that covers the intersection of materials, construction, environment and energy. The APC is fully covered by the journal Editorial Office.

ISSN 2731-6319 (Electronic)

Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering

Editor-in-Chief: Xilin Lu

Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering aims to contribute to resolve, or mitigate global and local problems related to the building environment. The journal produces valuable knowledges and lessons for architects and building engineers, brings new ideas from Asian countries with the largest world’s population living in densely populated urban areas, and shares the developments from European, American and other countries. 

ISSN 1346-7581 (Print)   ISSN 1347-2852 (Electronic)

The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings

Editor-in-Chief: Xilin Lu

The Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings provides structural engineers and contractors with advanced technologies of innovative structural design and construction practices for tall and special buildings. It also presents applied research on new materials or analysis methods that can directly benefit structural engineers involved in the design of tall and special buildings. The editor's policy is to maintain a reasonable balance between papers from design engineers and from research workers so that the journal will benefit to both groups. 

ISSN 1541-7808 (Electronic)

Geoenvironmental Disasters

Editor-in-Chief: Fawu Wang

Geoenvironmental Disasters is an international open access journal with a focus on multi-disciplinary applied and fundamental research on the effects and impacts on infrastructure, society and the environment from disasters triggered by various types of geo-hazards (e.g. earthquakes, volcanic activity, landslides, tsunamis, intensive erosion and hydro-meteorological events). The journal publishes research papers, quick reports of recent geoenvironmental disasters, review papers, and technical reports of case studies. The major component of the journal is the case studies and quick reports of recent geoenvironmental disasters that help to advance the practical understanding of geoenvironmental disasters and to inform future research priorities. 

ISSN 2197-8670 (Electronic)

Progress in Steel Building Structures

Editor-in-Chief: Guoqiang Li

Progress in Steel Building Structures is a Chinese journal founded in 1999. It aims to advance China’s steel building industry, promote related fundamental and applied research, strengthen academic exchanges at home and abroad, and accelerate the transformation of scientific research into products. The journal is included in “A Guide to the Core Journal of China” of Peking University Library and the core library of the Chinese Science Citation Database, and it is indexed in Scopus. It has been selected as the 'The Key Magazine of China Technology' of Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China, and the top 100 scientific journals in Chinese universities. According to the Annual Report on Impact Factors of Chinese Academic Journals in 2021, the journal ranks in the top 15% of the discipline. 

ISSN 1673-9379 (Print)

CN 31-1893/TU

Structural Engineers

Editor-in-Chief: Huanjun Jiang

Structural Engineers is a bimonthly Chinese journal founded in 1985 and published domestically and abroad. It aims to publish high-quality papers and provide an excellent academic communication platform for researchers and engineers. The topics of the journal cover structural engineering, underground engineering, wind engineering, geotechnical engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, disaster mitigation and protection engineering. The journal is included in “A Guide to the Core Journal of China” of Peking University Library and the core library of the Chinese Science Citation Database. 

ISSN 1005-0159 (Print)

CN 31-1358/TU

Prestress Technology

Editor-in-Chief: Limin Sun

Prestress Technology was founded in 2004 by combining OVM communications and HVM Prestress Technology. It is a bilingual journal that aims to exchange ideas, showcase innovative products, and report the latest advancement centered at prestress technology. The journal is dedicated to an influential and professional international platform in the entire chain of prestress technology from the perspective of new materials, new structures, and new products.   

ISSN 2521-9480 (Print)

Architectural Industrialization

Director of Editorial Board: Guoqiang Li

Editor in Chief: Feng Yuan

Architectural Industrialization is published quarterly in Chinese. It was launched in 2018 as the first industry magazine with a focus on the latest theoretical development and technology application for industrialization, digitalization, and intelligentization in construction industry. The magazine aims to showcase the innovative development, promote communication between academy and industry, analyze development trends of construction industry, provide professional service to industry, and accelerate the transformation of China construction industry.

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