Research Areas

Our academic staffs strive for excellence research with national and global impact, and the high-quality academic work is responsive to large-scale industrial needs and demands. Representative research areas/topics include but are not limited to: steel structures, concrete structures, masonry structures, timber structures, hybrid structures, earthquake engineering, wind engineering, fire resistance of structures, structural health monitoring, lifeline engineering, construction management, structural life cycle design and maintenance, computer simulation in civil engineering, underground space and engineering digitization and disaster prevention, deep underground space and effect of engineering environment and geology, network tunnel technology in modern cities, energy and environmental geotechnical engineering, soft soil engineering, sustainable concrete, innovative material and structural systems, etc.

Research highlights are as follow:

1. City resilience enhancement and multi-hazard protection

2. Performance evolution and control of critical infrastructure

3. Green and intelligent construction

4. City underground space development

5. Geological environment protection and disaster prevention