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Representatives from DGE Attend ICCES12 in Greece
Published:2012-06-29 Hit:4327

 From April 30th to May 4th, 2012, representatives of DGE attended a special session of ICCES’12 (International Conference on Computational and Experimental Engineering & Sciences) in Greece. The title of the special session is “Fundamental Theory for the Performance Evolution and Sensing-control of Urban Metro Structure”. More than 20 scholars and graduate students from Tongji University, Huazhong University of Technology, Huanan University of Science and Technology, together with specialists from the US, the UK and Japan gave 24 lectures in this session, which could be categorized in these 6 aspects:

  •   Lifetime performance evolution of underground structure material

  •   Interaction between service performance of underground structure and the environment

  •   Technology and theory of intelligent sensor for condition monitoring of underground structure

  •   Health diagnosis and service performance prediction of underground structure

  •   Intelligent self-repair and self-reinforcement material for underground structure

  •   Digitized control and protection for health service of underground structure


 During this session, the chief Professor of the 973 program also held a discussion concerning the progress and further plans of each sub-programs. He hoped that each sub-program could finish their assignments and achieve goals with meticulous preparation and systematic arrangements.

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