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Four International Exchange Programs for Undergraduate Students will be Funded by China Scholarship Council(CSC)in 2014
Published:2014-04-08 Hit:3565

    In 2013, three International Exchange Programs for undergraduate students in CCE was approved by CSC last year. They are: CCE, TJU - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Joint Final Design Program (3 students), CCE, TJU -Universitat Politècnica De Catalunya(UPC) Joint Final Design Program(2 students) and CCE, TJU -National University of Singapore(NUS) Course Study Exchange Program(4 students).

    In 2014, one more program: CCE, TJU -UPM Joint Final Design Program(3 students) is approved by CSC and the number of students for the KAIST and UPC programs are increased to 5 students respectively.

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