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CCE and DCERE Reach an Agreement on Future Cooperation
Published:2011-12-25 Hit:4776

On December 13, 2011, Prof. Huang Hongwei, Vice Dean of College of Civil Engineering (CCE), Dr. Tan Yong, Assistant to Dean and Ms. Shen Jiajun, secretary of foreign affairs visited Kyoto University and had a deep conversation with Prof. Tsuyoshi ISHIDA, Head of Dept. of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering (DCERE), Prof. Hiromichi SHIRATO, Prof. FUSAO OKA, and Prof. JUNJI KIYONO, Head of Department of Urban Management. Vice Dean Huang Hongwei also made a brief introduction about CCE, hoping to deepen the cooperation on the students and staff exchanges and strengthen cooperation in the teaching and researching fields. After the meeting, the delegation from CCE visited the Geotechnical Laboratory and Bridge Wind Tunnel Laboratory of Kyoto University.

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