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Address: College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University
No. 1239, Si Ping Rd. Shanghai 200092 P. R.China

Contact Person:

1.English Courses:
Xu Xin: xuxin@tongji.edu.cn                             Tel: 021-65980619

2.International Students Office

It is responsible for enrollment consulting and admission management of all international students, program and course development, etc.
Zhang Hongli:iso-zhaosheng@tongji.edu.cn    Tel:021-65983611 
Exchange Program
Fang Xiaozhi: fangxiaozhi@tongji.edu.cn             Tel: 021-65980380
Chinese Government Scholarship Program
Ye Dan:isotju@tongji.edu.cn         Tel:021-65988388 
Self-support program, Shanghai Municipal Government Scholarship Program

Academic Affairs
It is responsible for academic affairs; diploma issued; scholarship evaluation
Ye Yongbang: iso-benke@tongji.edu.cn         Tel:021-65986049 
undergraduate students’ affairs
Wang Yan:iso-shuobo@tongji.edu.cn       Tel:021-65983012 
graduate students' affairs

Students Life and Support
It is responsible for international students visa issues , student union organization, logistical support, etc.
Xu Minjie:xuminjie@tongji.edu.cn          Tel:021-65983616 
tuition ;Insurance and medical card issued
Wu Shucheng:wushucheng@tongji.edu.cn    Tel:021-65981965
visa issues 
Fang Xiaozhi:fangxiaozhi@tongji.edu.cn        Tel:021-65980380 
International Students Activities; wechat management


3.Foreign Affairs
Shen Jiajun
shenjiajun@tongji.edu.cn      Tel: 021-65982456
Fax: 021-65986968



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