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Over 70 Researchers Attend Inaugural “OpenSees Days Shanghai”
Published:2011-09-27 Hit:1734

    On May 29th and May 30th, over 70 researchers and students gathered at Tongji University for OpenSees Days Shanghai 2011. The event, jointly sponsored by the PEER Center (USA) and Tongji University (China), focused on introducing the workshop participants to two platforms, OpenSees and OpenFresco, that were developed at the PEER Center. Prof. Stephen A. Mahin, Dr. Frank McKenna, and Dr. Andreas Shellenberg from University of California at Berkeley, USA, gave presentations on the workshop and Prof. Xilin Lu and Dr. Ying Zhou from College of Civil Engineering, Tongji University presided at the workshop. For more information please visit: http://peer.berkeley.edu/news/2011/06/opensees-days-shanghai/.


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