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The 4th Joint Workshop on Building/Civil Engineering between Tongji University and Tokyo Institute of Technology Held in CCE
Published:2017-06-30 Hit:1843

From June 22nd to 24th, 2017, the 4th Joint Workshop on Building/Civil Engineering between Tongji University and Tokyo Institute of Technology was held on Tongji Campus. This joint workshop was initiated by Prof. Chen yiyi from TJU and Prof. Akira Wada from TIT. The first joint workshop was hosted by TIT, and then the two universities take turns to held the joint workshop. The 4th Joint Workshop was hosted by College of Civil Engineering(CCE). 7 faculty members and 12 students from Tokyo Institute of Technology(TIT)joined the workshop.

On the morning of Jun. 22nd, Prof. Jiang Huanjun, Associate Dean of CCE, TJU chaired the opening ceremony on the morning of Jun. 22nd. Prof. Zhao Xianzhong, Dean of CCE and Prof. Toru Takeuchi from TIT made the opening speech respectively. Later, Prof. Toru Takeuchi and Prof. Lu Xilin from Tongji gave a keynote lecture titled “Development of buckling-restrained braces, design and applications” and “Study on response control of tall buildings in ILEE of Tongji University” respectively.

From the afternoon of Jun. 22nd to 23rd, 12 graduates from CCE and 12 graduates from TIT made academic reports to exchange their research findings. Prof. Chen Suwen, Prof. Dai Kaoshan, Prof. Cao Shuyang, Prof. Chen Jun, Prof. Ma Xianfeng from TJU and Prof. Toru Takeuchi, Prof. Satoshi Yamada, Prof. Tetsuro Tamura, Prof. Susumu Kono, Prof. Kikuo Ikarashi from TIT chaired report sessions.

On the afternoon of 23rd, Prof. Chen Suwen chaired the closing ceremony. Prof. Tetsuro Tamura and Prof. Huang Hongwei presented Best Presentation Awards to 4 students. Prof. Satoshi Yamada and Prof. Jiang Huanjun made closing speeches. Later, students from the two parties had a lab tour on the main campus, while professors from the two parties held a free discussion on the details of the 5th workshop next year and academic exchanges between our two universities.

On the morning of June 24th, students from TIT and TJU visited the Multi-Functional Shaking Tables Lab on Jiading Campus of TJU. This workshop was officially closed.

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